ACP Series

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ACP Series

The adixen range of clean pumps

The multi-stage Roots pump technology of the ACP series meets the requirements of applications where clean and dry vacuum is needed.

The frictionless pumping module is optimized to operate without internal lubricant and provides outstanding oil-free vacuum with no hydrocarbon vapor backstreaming.
Withoutany seals between rotor and stator no particles are generated.
ACP series range consists in ACP15, ACP28 and ACP40 models.
Pumping speed range : 15, 28 and 40 m3/h (9, 16.7, 24 CFM)
Each model is available in Standard version and gas purged, G version.

The absence of wearing parts inside the pumping module allows for unsurpassed long-term stability and high reliability in even the most demanding applications.

Advantages at a glance

  • No particulate contamination thanks to the frictionless design, there is no wearing parts in the path of pumped gases and therefore no particulate generation.
  • No hydrocarbon vapors backstreaming. ACP series pumps are free of lubricant inside the pumping module; giving benefit of no hydrocarbon vapors backstreaming.
  • Constant performances. Thanks to constant internal clearances and constant rotational speed (frequency converter driven motor) the ACP series pumps will provide:

– constant pumping speed
– constant ultimate pressure

  • High reliability thanks to the adixen expertise in the design of dry multi-stage roots pumps, used in the most demanding applications.
  • Low maintenance costs. Field serviceable, the ACP series pumps require a complete overhaul only every 22000 hours for ACP 28/40 and 20000 hours for ACP 15.

Typical applications: ACP series Standard version

Analytical Instruments
– Electron microscopes
– Surface analysers
– Leak detectors
– Mass spectrometers

Research and Development
– High energy phisics
– Particles accelerators
– Laboratories

– Lamps manufacturing
– Vacuum coating

ACP series G version

Process monitoring
Load-Locks and transfer chambers
Focused Ion Beams